From WCN to Oleeo: A Talent Acquisition Journey

Charles Hipps June 19, 2018

Where We Started

WCN began in 1995 with the idea that volume recruiting could be more efficient, yet stay personal. Since then we’ve partnered with over 400 employers from around the world to help them attract, engage and hire top talent. Over the years, we’ve seen our company grow in both scale and in our offerings to the talent acquisition market. Here are just a few of statistics from our 20+ years in the talent acquisition industry:

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We crossed the pond and made a name for ourselves in the United States. Hundreds of employers have used Oleeo solutions and expertise over the past 20 years to improve their business performance. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in finance, retail, media and more. Here are a just a few things our customers and partners have to say:

“I've worked with Oleeo for years, as a customer & as a partner, they consistently deliver measurable value."

- Trevor Higgs // Director - HR Technology Solutions - HR Technology Strategy, Credit Suisse

“Oleeo really helps us focus on getting meaningful results in campus recruitment. Year-on-year we are seeing real differences with a significantly improved candidate experience at the application stage.”

- Stephanie Ahrens // Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

“We have a had a flawless experience with the Oleeo team. They're responsive and attentive to our needs.”

- Imad Khoury // National Director of Talent Acquisition, CohnReznick

In 2018, we rebranded from WCN to Oleeo to reflect a bigger purpose. But some things still ring true, like our unparalleled numbers. For example:

  • Oleeo has a 98% customer retention rate
  • Oleeo’s prescriptive intelligence taps between 11 and 120 data points to help recruiters focus on cultural fit while improving offer acceptance.
  • Oleeo lets employers improve diversity of overall hires by up to 30%
  • Oleeo reduces campus candidate processing time by up to 40%
  • Oleeo reduces campus event management time by up to 50%

Our name has changed and our approach is evolving, but the fact is, our technology and customer satisfaction combined with our global approach cannot be beat.

What is the Purpose of Oleeo?

As we grew, we found we needed a bigger, broader identity. One that encompassed our beliefs, mission and the values we believed in and imparted to our clients. We also knew it is essential to remain innovative with our talent acquisition and management products. At Oleeo, we believe in discovering and activating diverse teams that will impact the world for the better. These diverse teams have collective skills and experience that are exponentially stronger together than they are apart. These are the teams whose collaboration creates a powerful impact. From all types of recruiting to leveraging AI for the predictive selection of talent, we know diverse talent is the key for moving today’s workforce into the future for tomorrow.


Because we’ve got big problems to solve.

Problems that require a deeper level of collaboration and innovation. Problems that can only be solved with the type of innovation that diverse teams bring to the table. This means we can’t solve them with the same way of thinking. When you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got. We must find a way to break this spell, to think differently.


Because the past has caught up with us and the future is counting on us to get things right.

But how?

The Oleeo Drive for Innovation

We must begin with an actionable drive for innovation and growth. More perspective, more insight, more collaboration with the game-changers of the world. We understand the significance of staying competitive in the talent acquisition and management industry. We’re creating the kind of innovation that can only come from shaking off tired assumptions and breaking the rules, because this is the greatest way to avoid “the way we’ve always done it.” This is how we can begin to think differently.

It is this thinking differently, that is one of the primary reasons we changed our identity in such a profound way. We’re pushing off the outdated, outmoded talent acquisition tactics of the past and in its place, creating a modern, fresh take that while brand new to you, has been building underneath the surface, in our products, all along.

At Oleeo, we know this must come from a point of innovation that can only be found outside of our comfort zones. And we must remain in this constant state of change, far outside our comfort zones, because this is where we cultivate growth. This is the kind of growth that discovers brilliance in places we’ve never thought to look before. The kind of growth that can’t help but inspire compounding innovation. This is how we discover brilliance, inspire and innovate.

What will we do with this innovative brilliance?

Innovative Brilliance

Enter Oleeo’s prescriptive intelligence - intelligent recommendations, powered by 120 datapoints, that help recruiters make better informed decisions in a fraction of the time. We’ve built the tools that will allow us to think bigger, act faster and lead instead of follow. From CRM and ATS to event, interview and program management, the Oleeo platform is designed to help you discover inspiring brilliance and competitively innovate.

Oleeo’s predictive analytics and intuitive dashboards allow us to understand people based on their potential, because nothing is easier to fake than past experience or harder to fake than raw talent. With Oleeo’s broad selection of tools we will find it easier to trust our own relationship skills far more than our number crunching skills, because machines are just faster – and they love analytics. These are the kinds of tools that assist us in having meaningful conversations with the people who need to join us, because we’re in this together – and we love being around people who inspire us. However, tools are only a small part of the equation. Let’s aspire to be the team that has each others backs – because we can see the way forward.

We’re more powerful together.

Let’s go change the world.