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Technology - the final pillar of Recruiting Enablement

Charles Hipps September 2, 2020

The final pillar of Recruiting Enablement, technology, is the critical piece that automates data-driven processes and supports experimentation with diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies. 

As with all recruiting technology, keeping it simple for recruiters will drive adoption and ultimately results. Recruiters simply won’t slog through multiple platforms; they’ll just revert back to the manual processes they’re already comfortable with.

Here are the key components of next-generation Recruiting Enablement technology:

Comprehensive: Built to work with your existing tech stack, next-generation Recruiting Enablement platforms include functionality to support applicant tracking, assessments and screening, candidate engagement, interview management, and event management. 

Configurable: Built to support diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies, next-generation Recruiting Enablement platforms allow recruiters to design and execute on highly tailored workflows that include the specific processes and content unique to specific scenarios.

Automated: Built to help recruiters reinvest their time into high-value activities, next-generation Recruiting Enablement platforms include data-driven automation to speed bulk activities, such as sifting, screening, assessing, interview scheduling, and making job offers.

Data-Driven: Built to help recruiters pinpoint and advance best-fit candidates that meet diversity and inclusion objectives at scale, next-generation Recruiting Enablement platforms use AI and machine learning to remove bias from and given insight into the effectiveness of recruiting processes.

Inclusive: Built to nurture diverse and inclusive strategies, next-generation Recruiting Enablement platforms combine data-driven decision making with the ability to deliver tailored content at every step in the workflow.


Talent Acquisition is at a crossroads (again). From here forward, the most competitive businesses will enable recruiting teams to deliver on more diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies while simultaneously protecting the brand and providing better decision support for hiring managers. 

In today’s hypercompetitive talent market employers who win do so by reducing the administrative burden on recruiters and hiring managers, leveraging data and AI to pinpoint top candidates and expedite hiring processes for them. In turn, this helps to shape D&I strategies that deliver results and remove bias from recruiting processes.

We predict Recruiting Enablement will do for your recruiter experience what Recruitment Marketing has done for the candidate’s experience: make it more effective, more efficient, more relevant, and, most importantly, more human again.

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