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5 Surefire Recruiting Event Secrets to Help You Achieve Your Goal

Shelley Ingram August 24, 2018

At any recruiting event, it’s important to set your organization apart and grab the attention of talent you’re trying to reach. There’s a lot of talk about digital marketing, employer brand and recruitment advertising going around. While all of those things are helpful when it comes to building your talent pool, there always seems to be something missing in corporate recruiting.

High-volume recruitment events can be the cornerstone of a great recruitment strategy and they come in a variety of flavors. From diversity events to company lunch and learns, events are a great way to branch out.

Promote your culture

In addition to designing and setting up a booth that conveys your company culture, it’s important to get other team members to the recruiting events you’re attending! While we’re sure your recruiters are great, they’re likely not the people your candidates would actually be working with. Promote your company’s culture by bringing other members of the teams across your whole organization. We’re not saying pack everyone on the bus and slow productivity at the office, but a few key players at the event for the day couldn't hurt.

It’s important to leave the booth every once in a while and meet as many people as you can. Engage with the candidates. Ask about what they’re looking for most in an employer. You’ll be able to slip your culture into even the shortest of conversations. 70% of millennials are more willing to work with a brand that supports the causes they care about. Like it or not, the workforce is changing and current candidates are looking to join companies and people who have a mission they can get behind.

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Know who you want

Go into an recruiting event knowing the type of employee you need to fill certain roles. Different events bring in different candidates. Do your research to understand who you’re going to see and meet at specific events and match your findings up with the position you need to fill. Evaluate individuals already employed by your company, understand their strengths, weaknesses and values to see what could be missing. You may even want to take the time to check your skills gap. Who do you really need at your company? Create questions and informational spiels tailored to those needs.

For campus events, it’s a good idea to look at the alumni associations to see where their students go after school. Needless to say, a large tech corporation attending an event geared towards future lawyers doesn’t make a lot of sense and wastes money in the long run.

Bring on the diversity

Most people think ivy league students are going to be some of the best candidates for a job. And while it is true Stanford has a stellar MBA program, many other schools have a very similar curriculum with a more diverse student body.

57% of employees think their company should work to increase diversity. Events are a great way to engage diverse candidates by showcasing your company mission and values. Go into your recruiting events with a clear idea of the diversity metrics most important to your recruiting team. Taking the time to define these beforehand will be your best chance at achieving your goals. Don’t know where to start? Get our worksheet, 5 Diversity Metrics to Measure Year-Round.

It’s not all about the swag

Sure, it’s great to give out water bottles and notepads to the people who come and talk to you. But that’s not the only thing you should be handing out. Focus more on the information you’re giving candidates rather than putting such a large emphasis on the swag.

Many of the people who come to recruitment events are trying to make it to as many tables as possible. Handing out a concise and to-the-point information sheet instead of making them sort through random items is going to be more beneficial to both of you. This isn’t to say we recommend not bringing anything. Swag is an important thing at any and all recruit events, just make sure they’re easy to transport, or better yet, give them a bag to carry it all in!

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Continue the conversation

Make the most of your time and money by keeping the conversation going. This may not be a secret but it is one of the most crucial action items to a successful recruiting event. Candidates don’t stop looking after one recruitment event, so recruiters shouldn’t stop talking to candidates until they have made their decision. Even after you’ve filled your open roles, keep the lines of communication open so you’re able to consider these candidates for future opportunities.

If you’re not collecting data during a recruitment event, you’re going to miss out on the most important part of the event. Send candidates a follow-up email, text message or give them a quick call to set up an interview and answer any additional questions they might have. But to do this, you have to be organized, efficient and ensure your CRM is hooked up to your ATS.

Getting recruitment events right allows recruiters to build relationships with candidates from the start and continue those conversations after the event is over. In other words, event management is a vital aspect to your organization's recruitment success. Want to learn more about event management and how Oleeo can help? Download our How to Get The Most Out of Recruitment Events Whitepaper.

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