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23 Statistics That Will Undeniably Influence Your High-Volume Hiring Strategy

Charles Hipps December 10, 2018

The recruitment game is constantly changing and hiring managers have to keep up with it to continue to get the best talent for their business. The only way to stay at the top is to keep up with the statistics and trends as they happen.

Check out these 23 recruiting statistics that will undeniably influence your high-volume hiring strategy:

  1. 76% of hiring managers say finding quality talent is one of their biggest struggles when it comes to winning the recruitment game. (Glassdoor)

  2. A NACE study found traditional schools were the main places hiring managers search for new talent, said 97.9% of respondents. Other companies are starting to look at trade schools, alternative MBA programs and other technical schools. (NACE)

  3. Candidate-driven market? 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers think so. (TalentNow)

  4. Referral hires are still the top source of hires with 30% overall and 45% internally. (SHRM)

  5. 74.9% of recruiters focused their recruiting efforts on college campuses. Employers, who attended 41 career fairs on average, said they were extremely important in identifying talent early on. (NACE)

  6. Millennials open around 97% of the text messages they receive and send 67 a day, on average. (Trumpia)

  7. 45% of job seekers are searching daily and 89% of them believe a mobile device is critical in searching. (Undercover Recruiter)

  8. 68% of millennials, 73% of Gen Xers and 75% of baby boomers said they’re willing to receive a job opportunity over text. (Nexxt)

  9. Using tactics like text recruiting, email automation and internet-based platforms can help bring candidates in. 30% of possible employees are actively searching for a job, this means CRM needs to be expanded in some ways. (SHRM)

  10. 94% of companies hosting recruitment events promote it on social media before the event starts along with job openings. (Betterteam)

  11. 59% of employees say they were attracted to the company that promoted its events on social media. (Betterteam)

  12. Candidates want immediacy in communication. 90% of candidates between the age of 18 and 29 are on social media, making social promotions ideal. (HR Dive)

  13. Now’s the time to get going with event apps. 91% of recruitment event planners have seen a positive return on investment from event apps. (Certain)

  14. When filled out on a phone, 60% of applications are abandoned. Candidates need a quick and easy way through the application process. (SHRM)

  15. Job seekers are more likely to apply for a job if the employer manages and keeps up their employer brand. (Glassdoor)

  16. Two in three employees say their employer doesn’t do or know how to do any advertising on social media for recruitment events. (Inc.)

  17. Twitter is one of the best ways to advertise and promote upcoming events and job listing. 92% of companies are tweeting at least once a day. (Adweek)

  18. 75% of large companies are using an ATS. (Capterra)

  19. With 81% of adults on their phone for part of the day, reaching out via smartphone and social media isn’t a bad idea. (Pew Internet)

  20. Negative reviews matter. 55% of job seekers say they are less likely to go through with applications if there are negative online reviews. (TalentNow)

  21. When looking to apply, 83% of candidates say they look at company reviews before taking the first steps of moving forward through the process. (Glassdoor)

  22. 72% of recruiters believe advancement opportunities are one of the most important things to their candidates. (Devskiller)

  23. Increasing employee and candidate engagement investments by 10% will in turn increase company profits for year end. (Inc.)

Social media and mobile apps are starting to take a big role in high-volume hiring as we know it. If you find yourself falling behind, make sure you’re up to date on all the latest software in the recruiting events field. Check out Oleeo Event Instant to get you started.
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