Are You Standing Out at Recruiting Events? Here’s How You Can

Jeanette Leeds Maister August 31, 2018

With so many variables to consider, navigating the territory of recruiting events can be overwhelming. Recruiting events should be something all recruiters look forward to as a way to source a large amount of candidates in one place. While these events are extremely valuable, many recruiters end up dreading them.

With the growing conversation on the advantages of working for a small company vs. a corporation, new startups popping up left and right and an unprecedented demand amongst professionals for challenging yet meaningful work, employers must be strategic with their recruiting events. Here are some ways to stand out from the crowd of employers at any event:

With so many variables to consider, navigating the territory of recruiting events can be overwhelming. @Oleeo_ has 3 steps to master your next #recruiting event:Tweet This!

Figure Out What Works…And What Doesn't

Recruiters know what strategies work for sourcing quality talent for your business, and these methods can usually be applied to recruiting events. A few examples include:

Focusing your recruitment efforts on proven strategies before the event is one of the greatest ways to ensure a successful experience. Additionally, your plan should include figuring out what types of candidates you’re looking for and structure a plan accordingly. Are you looking to hire young talent that can grow into your organization? Maybe you want to hire recent college graduates with a fresh perspective? Do you aim to diversify your current workforce? Regardless of your goals, it’s important to establish the mission prior to the day of the event.

Execute at the Event

You’ve established your mission and now you’re ready to excel at the recruiting event. Where should you start? Begin by engaging with all of your potential candidates. This includes shaking hands, asking questions and getting to know them to see if they are the right fit for your company. This will give candidates an opportunity to learn about your culture, your values and more.

Events are often used as great talking platforms not only to engage, but also build brand awareness and continue the relationship with your talent pipeline. When candidates attend events, they are more likely to stay connected and interested in a company, even if they aren’t the best fit at the time. This allows you to build your network while opening and strengthening your relationship with current and future potential candidates.

Preparing for a #recruiting event? @Oleeo_ has a proven 3 step process to attract and engage top talent:Tweet this!

Along with engagement, you need to be paying additional attention to some important details from the event. This will make the overall process for your new talent easy and accessible. This should include:

In order to use this event to its complete advantage, ensure that this process and information is readily available to your entire team. It may be beneficial to conduct an overview meeting, and have everyone carry business cards and notepads with them while they engage candidates during the event.

After the Event

Following up with potential candidates is a necessary, and an often overlooked step in the recruitment process. A great way to do this? Email. Job seekers who attend industry events are among the hottest leads in your talent funnel. Make sure you’re following up with all the information they need to continue the application process. It’s important to make the message personal - especially if you spoke with them and you consider them a top prospect.

Recruiting events give your company the opportunity to reach candidates like never before while also showcasing your abilities as a company. Still not sure about setting up an event of your own? Learn more about Oleeo Event Management.

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