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See the Unseen - Eliminate your recruitment challenges

Charles Hipps September 30, 2019

The battle for talent has never been fiercer, with the need for superhuman abilities becoming a necessity to compete. When people think about recruitment as a cost centre, they often focus on the things they can see, such as their recruitment agency charges or the cost of running their internal team.

Less attention is paid to the hidden metrics – staff churn, the time taken for new recruits to start performing or
the effectiveness of recruitment at attracting talent that will both stay with an organisation and actually perform. Yet these have a fundamental impact on an organisation’s bottom line, its performance and the workload facing
its HR team.

At Oleeo, we firmly believe that HR teams can have both quality and quantity when it comes to searching for top talent; they can maximise their choice by throwing their net ever wider, attracting more applicants to their
organisation. At the same time, with the right systems in place, they can effectively and quickly pick their way through these volumes of candidates, finding just the right people they need.

However, to do this they need to see and understand where their recruitment is currently going wrong. So, our report looks at these unseen challenges, the key areas where HR teams are struggling most. It then examines the solutions that are waiting to be discovered, as we believe that technology is the tool that is going to help recruiters explore new sources of talent, understand more about into what truly makes talent tick, react quicker and build for the future.

Learn more in our ‘See the Unseen’ report, designed to offer fresh insights to HR teams that are struggling to overcome the many unseen challenges associated with recruitment.

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