Student Recruiting Trends For 2018 | Part V

Jeanette Maister January 23, 2018

Summarizing Thoughts

This study is designed to help stimulate thinking about how to be more adaptable to what emerging talent candidates are advising they expect and be able to cast a wider net in recruiting as a result, potentially reviewing more candidates without having to read more resumes.

Intelligent approaches to talent acquisition, taking advantage of technological tools such as Oleeo’s award-winning suite of recruiting products, can help tackle talent scarcity and introduce you to candidates you may otherwise overlook at any given stage of your hiring journey.

Harnessing blind recruiting techniques could be one way of doing this – but there are some pitfalls to this as exclusive Oleeo and University College London research reveals. We consider this to be the first large-scale statistical linguistic analysis of male and female resumes across multiple job sectors and reveals that small but statistically significant patterns, such as resume length, readability and use of certain words can easily lead to gender identification.

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Gender Identification in Blind Recruiting – Easier Than You Think Finds Academics!

In the most recent 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, 77% of CEOs told PriceWaterhouseCoopers they already have a diversity and inclusion strategy or plan to adopt one in the next 12 months. Additional research by PwC research shows that 86% of female and 74% of male millennials consider employers’ policies on diversity, equality and inclusion when deciding which company to work for.

However, in the eyes of some, current recruiting processes are imperfect, elitist and exclusionary. These concerns make it important that recruiters consider new ways to attract people from all backgrounds. To do this, there is a need to ensure that nothing in the recruitment process puts up barriers that prevent the best talent from joining a firm.

By removing the candidate’s name and other personal information, such as their nationality or the university they attended, an employer can ensure that people will be judged on merit and not on their background, race or gender. Used well, blind recruitment can help ensure demonstrable insights that show differences as a strength – but is this enough?

Oleeo partnered with University College London to conduct the first large-scale statistical linguistic analysis of male and female resumes across multiple job sectors (financial services, information technology, management consulting and retail and buying).

So can this be mitigated? Yes, by using gender de-biasing methodology that can be applied to successfully remove gender redundant encoding and lower disparate impact scores applied during machine based hiring predictions. This makes it suitable for use in automated hiring screening processes where not causing disparate impact is paramount.

Technology works because algorithms can replicate your collective decision making, reducing the influence of bias by individuals or process. It’s not just Oleeo saying this. The Confederation of British Industry has described “name-blind” recruitment was one way to remove “criteria that could unintentionally bias managers, and give under-represented groups con dence that their application will be fairly considered”.

Fair consideration is the first step to true inclusion. How a company then promotes its values to demonstrate this is the next step. Once applications are blind sifted, the recruiter must consider if they can fairly run interviews alone and continue the momentum. Panel interviewing may help avoid doubt and showcase a more transparent commitment to equal opportunities. The power really does lie in the recruiter’s hands to see these values through.

By Flexing Recruitment Models to Be More Engagement Focused and Aligned to Candidate Expectations, Talent Acquisition Teams Can Expect to Yield Dividends Back as a Result.

For example, Morgan Stanley’s efforts highlighted earlier in this report helped deliver substantial award-winning benefits including:

In high-volume environments such as those analyzed by Oleeo, recruiters must become more agile and do more with less without bias creeping in. Historically, recruiters may have been wary to consider such trends but with competition showing no signs of easing, there is a need to utilize machine learning and mine rich sources of talent across Universum’s four dedicated pillars. Here are some key takeaway points and a checklist to help you on your mission to make 2018 a year of transformation in recognizing the need to make student recruitment aligned to the expectations of the next generation so that you can be on the right road to success in hiring superstars before competitors.

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10 Essential Steps to Engage & Secure Future Superstars

The need for engagement has never been so critical with the war for talent intensifying. Based on input from recruiting leaders, Oleeo has devised a step-by-step approach to help stimulate your talent acquisition approaches in order to hire the best before the rest.

  1. Have a Great Employer Value Proposition (EVP). To win the best, you have to sound the best. A compelling EVP – shaped to influence both candidates & employees, reflecting competitive advantages and identifying reasons why working for the organization is a great fit for anyone intrigued – is a must.
  2. Be Coordinated & Differentiated for All Talent Pools. Don’t just stick to one strategy for attracting, nurturing and retaining talent. Tailor your approaches to re ect the different types of experience levels you are seeking to hire – campus, diversity or even veterans.
  3. Engage Early. Start the engagement process right at the very beginning of your attraction process so that every element of your appeal to candidates establishes trust, forms a relationship & influences what they value – be they passive or active recruits.
  4. Maintain Effective Engagement at Every Opportunity. Once you start the engagement, don’t stop! Positive impressions should be maintained throughout the hiring process including events, in virtual forums, videos, email conversations and on your website when a candidate is logged in.
  5. Bring Your EVP to Life With Employee and Leadership Stories. Bring to life the things that make your business a great place to work with stories from leaders and employee advocates. After all, people buy people. Good anecdotes will help you to build your team with like-minded people and recognize the best your workplace has to offer.
  6. Ensure Your Online Approach Complements Face-to-face Efforts. Catch a candidate’s attention online using virtualized technologies and contextualized messaging, and then make sure your face-to-face contact is just as compelling. Remember every aspect counts when it comes to winning hearts and minds.
  7. Clearly Define What a Great Organizational Fit Would Be. Focus your engagement efforts on helping candidates understand what classifies as a great fit to your firm, including initiatives around diversity or behaviors. Once understood, you can focus your engagement on great hires & candidates with the potential to be great future employees.
  8. Ensure Your Communication Is Simple, Transparent And Personal. Candidates want transparency and like to see the personal touch in the way a company communicates with them. Be plain and simple to maintain positive perceptions throughout and stand a better chance of securing the employees you really want.
  9. Update Candidates Frequently and Make Time to Hire as Rapid as Possible. It’s critical to offer feedback at every stage and aim to move to offer stage as swiftly as feasibly possible. An isolated candidate will not want to work for such a firm or be a future customer! Be sure to learn from reneging candidates to always be one step ahead of the hiring game!
  10. Use Engaged Employees as Future Advocates. Once a candidate becomes an employee, it is a great time to ignite and strengthen their passion to inspire future hires and customers. Obtain their stories and use them to further build advocacy around your EVP. The cycle need never end!

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