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Prepare Like a Pro: What To Do Before Your Next Recruitment Event

Jeanette Leeds Maister October 1, 2018

Once you’ve determined which kind of events are right for you, it’s time to make it incredible. These emerging trends for before, during and after the events will help you rise above the competition and make events one of your primary recruiting channels.

Before the Event

Trend #1: Engage Recruiting Event Attendees via Text Recruiting

According to Trumpia, 97% of text messages are opened and millennials usually send 67 text messages per day. Undercover Recruiter found that 89% of job seekers believe that a mobile device can be critical to your job search as a tool with 45% of people searching daily. Nexxt discovered 68% of millennials, 73% of Gen Xers and 75% of baby boomers said they are willing to receive a job opportunity over text.

Today’s candidates want you to text them. Texting is a fantastic way to remind job seekers of your events, help them know what to bring, answer questions about what the event will entail and to engage and nurture them once they’ve walked out the door. While email addresses might change with a new job and home phones rarely get answered, texts are undeniably read and responded to.

Even better than using SMS within your recruitment and event strategy? Use one that integrates with your ATS or CRM. There are tons of platforms now that will allow you to automatically manage multiple texts from candidates, write out standard answers to FAQs and add to a candidate record if a phone number changes.

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Trend #2: Email Automation

The use of automated marketing is an effective way to spread the word about an upcoming recruiting event. 40% of event marketers believe that email automation is the best outlet when promoting an event. Having an automated channel allows your recruiting team to be more prepared for the event with less work. Candidate engagement and logistics are managed on cruise control. Your firm can also track metrics such as open rate and if they followed a link within the email in an attempt to predict whether they are going to attend your event or not.

Trend #3: Use of Online Platforms (Social Media and Career Sites)

LinkedIn researchers found only 30% of possible employees are actively searching for a job, which means CRM efforts must be expanded. Expansion of your program can reach current, past and potential future candidates. Using tactics like text recruiting, email automation and Internet-based platforms can coax passive candidates into attending your event. In fact, SHRM found that 82% of companies use social media to attract these passive candidates.

94% of companies use social media to network before their events and post job listings. Furthermore, 59% of employees said they were attracted to that company because of its social media presence. Promoting your employer brand via Snapchat and other social media networks has become increasingly popular in terms of recruiting and distributing content. There are 173 million users worldwide with 3 billion snaps sent daily. Snapchat can be used to promote events, stream events and disseminate blogs and other information about your company. The sheer reach of social media alone has become an ideal form of promotion for your recruiting events.

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Many companies use their career sites as well. Posting to event reminders or adding popups to these sites produces rich and engaging content to attract already interested individuals to your event.

Benefits: With 61 million Gen Zers entering the workforce, social media can help attract the future of your company. Gen Z enjoys having constant communication and instant answers for questions they have. In fact, 90% of candidates that are between the age of 18-29 are on social media, which makes promoting your event via social channels is ideal. Gen Zers want immediacy in communications. Therefore texting and communicating consistent messages and values via Twitter and other social media outlets can be beneficial for your company!

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