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How Oleeo is keeping recruitment going despite the Coronavirus restrictions

Jennifer Herbert March 25, 2020

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in talent acquisition needing to be proactive and take measures early to protect all stakeholders. Recruiters must act with the best course of action based on the information they receive to keep all involved healthy, remove any burden on our healthcare system, and protect the most vulnerable among us.

Companies have been forced to scale down entry-level recruitment programmes as they make business adjustments due to the coronavirus, according to the Institute of Student Employers.

Many companies still in business are urgently seeking more staff to meet orders, help with deliveries and just to keep things moving. We have a duty of care to all our employees but equally, it's important to remind everyone that we all have an individual responsibility to act in everyone's best interests and take precautions where necessary, as per the latest guidance.

Where we've all taken the necessary precautions to stop this virus spreading to the most vulnerable of our society, I'm going to share with you some silver lining to the black cloud looming over us. Here’s some of the changes I’ve embedded in my role as Head of Talent Acquisition at Oleeo that might help with these campaigns.

Virtual interviews

All interviews are conducted via Google Hangouts. This allows for multiple stakeholders and  the candidate or hiring managers can share their screen if presentations are part of the interview process. 

First round interviews are over the telephone anyway and then 2nd and 3rd conducted via video. Every effort is made to ensure that decisions are made within 48 hours or if we are unable to achieve this, we manage expectations honestly around timelines. 

It’s important that recruiters try and adapt to the situation so that you actually stand out as a company during this crisis. Show commitment to your hiring and people as this will turn around and people will remember how you made them “feel” during this pandemic. 

Employer Value Propositions

Now is the time to be very conscious of your Employee Brand. Be genuine and use a more “coaching” style of management with candidates. Acknowledge the situation, be human and check in with how your candidates are doing in terms of their own and their families health. However, also be positive, keep energy levels up for them and still “sell” your company. Provide reasons as to why you are there. Use a lot more Emotional Intelligence to engage with both your hiring managers and candidates. We have added reassuring messaging into any contact we have via our job specs or our comms in relation to the coronavirus

Have a good ATS and social media presence

Oleeo would say this but having a robust ATS is great for helping to automate key tasks to make the hiring process feel simple for both the recruiter and the candidate. Use your ATS to ensure you’re keeping candidates informed. Use any “adverts” in your ATS to update on the situation - we use our Talent Engagement Engine within our CRM.

Also ensure you keep your social media channels up to date with “real life” contributions, e.g. encourage your colleagues to add a review on Glassdoor as candidates go there. If you are able, write an article on LinkedIn about how you have adapted your hiring.  This helps with nervous candidates seeking reassurance in regards to the stability of the company and long term commitment to their career.

Overall, it's fair to say that Covid-19 will change how many companies operate -- not only in the coming weeks, but forever. Now is your opportunity to make this unique and difficult time your defining moment. I hope my approach for Oleeo helps you to plan a way to keep recruiting well despite the difficult times.


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