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Why Nailing High-Volume Hiring Events is More Important Than Ever

Charles Hipps September 24, 2018

High-volume recruiting is taking over the recruiting landscape. Employers are looking for more candidates and those candidates are turning to events to find the right fit. Now, more than ever, employers need to be on their A-game when it comes to recruiting at these events. Candidates want better experiences, to be picked up quickly and to have more say in where they go.

Here’s why you need to nail your next high-volume recruitment event:

High-volume candidate experience

One of the key stepping stones to getting your hiring event done right is to build the future relationship with the candidates you meet. A poor candidate experience will damage your company brand. Why? Because candidates are more than willing and able to share those experiences with people they know. 72% of candidates shared a negative experience online or with their peers. It’s incredibly easy for your candidates to share, making it crucial to get your recruitment process right.

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In 2016, 63% of employers predicted the volume of hiring would increase the following year. Today, there are more jobs available than people to fill them and recruiting is more important than ever to many companies. You’ve more than likely experienced a surge in hiring. To get the people you need to fill the skills gap and reach goals, you need to continuously deliver the best candidate experience possible.

To strengthen your candidate experience in this high-volume recruiting time, make sure you’re using the right tools to get the job done. ATS and CRM integrations can make sure your candidate’s resumes are getting to the right person and help push the process along as much as possible. In addition to this, when going to events, your recruiters should know exactly what they need to accomplish and have a plan set to get it done. Mobile event management apps and candidate engagement throughout the entire event are great ways to achieve goals.

Top talent goes fast

Mobile devices, recruiting software, social media and video interview platform technologies now drive recruiting processes. If you haven’t started adapting these tools into your own system, you need to. Why? Because the best candidates are off the market within 10 days. Use automation and these tools to help speed the process along to make sure you don’t miss out on the best candidates for your business.

These technologies, when effectively put into place, decrease time to hire drastically. Auto-scoring and applicant listing shows candidates based on how well they match business needs. After finding the best fit, text recruiting can help your recruiting process reach candidates on their mobile devices. Even more impressive, these advancements in technology virtually eliminate the need to source and screen applicants the old fashioned way in the early stages of hiring. This helps to quickly filter candidates through the hiring funnel so you can save on recruitment costs and find the best candidates faster than ever before.


We’re in a candidate-driven market

There’s a saying in the foodservice and retail industries, “the customer is always right.” The same can be said for candidates in recruiting and high-volume hiring events. Since you’re looking to hire a large amount of talent for your business, it can be a challenge to connect with each individual. Here are some tips to help with this:

  1. Be authentic and transparent in everything you do. Candidates want to know what’s going on, especially from potential employers. You need to reflect the authenticity of your business model to truly give a positive candidate experience. So what does this mean for your hiring event strategy? It means…
  • Doubling down on feedback – give candidates the time and attention they deserve at every touch-point.
  • Identifying why you’re the best employer for their needs – be open (and honest) with candidates about what makes your business great.
  • Providing real-life examples of your employer brand – give candidates current employee testimonials to show what a “typical day” is like at your company.
  1. Engage at every opportunity. Whether it is during or after an event, gamification can be a huge asset to any hiring event or large-scale recruiting effort. It’s a great opportunity to create buzz about your business and engage candidates in fun, proactive ways. Play some games and offer rewards or incentives for interaction. Get your candidates active and moving!
Now, more than ever, recruiters need to be on their A-game when it comes to #HighVolume recruiting events. Find out why in @Oleeo_’s latest blog.Tweet this!

Incorporate games or apps candidates are already be using to get to know them better. As an example, Pokémon Go is expected to reach 67 million active users by 2020, 71% of those users are between the ages of 18 to 50. In other words, the age range for users of the app game falls directly into your hiring market, chances are some of your candidates likely play the popular mobile app game. Have a contest to see which candidate can catch the best Pokémon in the area, then circle back and use it as a stepping-stone to build the candidate relationship. Creating engagement efforts by adopting spaces and markets where candidates already exist will help you connect with them on deeper levels.

There’s no secret lever or switch you can flip to make your high-volume hiring events A+ material. It all depends on the efforts you put into making your hiring strategies faster and more efficient than ever before. Learn about the latest trends you should be leveraging when it comes to hiring events in our report. Download your copy today!

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