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Making the most of automation in recruitment

Charles Hipps January 10, 2020

In order to make sure a business attracts quality as well as quantity; recruiters need to use the data they gather more efficiently. Automated processes enable employees to filter the best candidates quickly to the top, so they can report on ‘real people’ not just numbers.

What is Automation in recruitment?

Far from being dehumanised, a basic definition of automation in recruitment can be summarised as processes that facilitate:

  • Identifying people with targeted keywords within their social media profiles.
  • Helping recruiters focus their maximum attention and time on qualified candidates using early CV screening software.
  • Ensuring dedicated time for employers to support greater candidate experiences and issuing bespoke communications.
  • Streamlining the fluency of the application process and where possible the speed to hire and any onboarding processes that can be done online.

What are the benefits of automation?

Used well, automation turns best practice into common practice by providing structure, consistency and fairness to recruitment activities and systems. Benefits on offer to recruiters include:

  • Staying in constant contact with potential hires throughout the process and ensuring increased candidate interaction.
  • Ensuring structured human interaction using CRM tools or pre-set reminders,
  • Being able to progress large volumes of candidate applications quickly and reliably, saving time and money.
  • Easing candidate selection, through integrated features like video interviewing & social media.
  • Being able to search, sort and filter candidates into set tiers from data gathered, allowing identification of the most qualified.
  • Enabling online assessments where interviewers are informed and itineraries automatically generated, once a candidate books a preferred slot.

Why now?

In cases where volume recruitment is occurring, an e-recruitment system that incorporates automation can help recruiters find the right candidates for the right roles, quickly. It removes human error and bias, whilst encouraging human interaction when appropriate and necessary. Organisations that have not incorporated automation into their recruitment systems are in danger of being left behind and losing the best talent to competitors.