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How to Make Talent Acquisition More Powerful: Intelligent Automation

Charles Hipps June 21, 2018

There’s a saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Whether they happened to be Albert Einstein, a proverb or some other genius, the sentiment remains that if something isn’t working, you have to enact change to see improvement. For too long, recruiting and hiring has been done the same way. Technology and resulting tools may have added variations to how certain aspects were handled, but in general, we’ve been following the motions and hoping common, recurring challenges would cease naturally. Talent that doesn’t fit culture, candidates without necessary skills and inefficient resume parsing are only the beginning.

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Here’s how Oleeo is embracing processes outside our comfort zone and using intelligent automation for more perspective and insight:

Intelligent Attraction

Recruiters in this candidate-driven market are no stranger to the challenges of finding great

talent for open positions. 65% of recruiters claim talent shortage is the biggest challenge in hiring. While 75% of hiring and talent managers use either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process, these challenges continue to persist when it comes to attracting the best and the brightest.

Common recruiter concerns in attracting the best candidates for a position:

  • What does the ideal candidate look like?
  • Where exactly do you look for the right candidate?
  • Are the channels I’m currently using to attract candidates the best options available?
  • Is this a competitive talent market with many recruiters going for the same candidates?
  • Are my communications resonating with applicants or am I turning them away?

Posting placements is one of the main concerns in candidate attraction. Glassdoor found that recruiters are often confused about where advertising open positions is most effective. Sometimes, the best fit for an organization isn’t looking in the same place the employer is placing their job ads. A whopping 76% of recruiters say the struggle to find qualified candidates is their number one complaint, despite low unemployment and increased graduation rates. There is a missed connection somewhere, and it’s easy to believe exposure of open roles to the right job seekers is at the root.

So, What’s the Solution?

Algorithms are much smarter and faster than humans. While humans are critical to and much better at developing relationships, it’s also more difficult for them to make unbiased decisions. Machines have the ability to evaluate large amounts of data in a shorter amount of time. Even better, when we let the machines use the data to make prescriptive recommendations, we are free to spend our time on what we’re really good at: forming relationships with talented people.

For example, intelligent attraction can tailor job advertising in real-time which will help deliver skilled, diverse candidates at minimal cost. The algorithms place your ads on the right job boards, at the right price, paying per click. The second you have a sufficient number of applications, it then takes the postings down in real-time. You can also use a single click to find the best placements for job posts and speed up the progress to tap a wider source of talent. This results in a 50% reduction in attraction costs and a return of 2.5X higher performing, more diverse and critical talent.

Implementing intelligent automation into your hiring process, whether it be through your applicant tracking system or event management program, ultimately allows recruiters to build meaningful relationships from the beginning rather than worrying about items like placements and the small tactical duties.

Begin Engaging

After solving the attraction issue, it’s time to move on to getting the best candidates and a more diverse talent pool. How do recruiters target their job ads and get the right candidates to engage?

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The tried-and-true tactics to increase engagement with your jobs ads still apply:

  • Cut the jargon
  • Mention unique perks
  • Be genuine
  • Avoid exclusive language
  • Define goals
  • Ask questions

Using intelligent talent acquisition software gives you the opportunity to move beyond these efforts and ensure maximum conversion of job seekers to applicants and the diversity of an applicant pool. This is achieved through focused nurturing and showcasing more relevant content to candidates during every interaction. For example, intelligent automation has the ability to learn what aspects most interest particular candidates and show content that will further engage them such as flexibility benefits in the job offering or the late-night shift culture.

Don’t miss the follow-up article where we will pick up our conversation about intelligent engagement and selecting the right talent for your company from your elite candidate pool! Can’t wait? Download the intelligent automation whitepaper to learn more!

how to make talent acquisition more powerful whitepaperhow to make talent acquisition more powerful whitepaper Oleeo-Talent-Acquisition-BlogCTAhow to make talent acquisition more powerful whitepaper

how to make talent acquisition more powerful whitepaper