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Recruiting Enablement 101

Charles Hipps March 17, 2020

Talent Acquisition is once again at a crossroads and the most competitive businesses must adapt by adopting digitisation to enable recruiting teams to deliver on more diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies without risk of bias. 

Recruiting and HR leaders are once again at the dawn of a game changer, known as Recruiting Enablement, which will transform the hiring experience to make it more effective, efficient, relevant and facilitate more human interactions. The phrase was first conceived by Talent Attraction, Candidate Experience & Recruiter Enablement Leader Holland Dombeck McCue of Delta Airlines.

Recruiters can address pressing talent acquisition challenges by seeking to adopt new tools and strategies that expand diverse talent pools, enable tailored employer value propositions, improve decision making, mitigate bias, and speed up the  alignment of recruiting with the desired business outcomes regardless of strategy, complexity and volume.

As a practice, Recruiting Enablement encompasses the processes, content, and technology that empowers talent acquisition teams to recruit both efficiently and effectively at high volumes and high velocity. This must be complemented by Recruiting Enablement technology, as provided by Oleeo, which drive automated and data-driven recruiting decisions. 

It’s no secret that recruiting is becoming more and more challenging. Technology must be more innovative, empowering recruiters to continually test and support diverse and inclusive strategies through multiple configurable workflows.

We are putting that into place at Oleeo with a Recruiting Enablement platform that uses cutting-edge tools to ensure the alignment of recruiting with the desired business outcomes regardless of strategy, complexity or even volume.

Such innovations are needed to help recruiters around some of their biggest challenges including talent shortages, rising competition, candidates casually applying for vacancies and shortlisting later and corporate pressures around diversity & inclusion levels.

Our latest Recruiting Enablement paper and accompanying one page factsheet. reveals how tailored Recruiting Enablement technology will alleviate these burdens. Done well, it can help recruiters design highly configurable workflows that allow for specific, more relevant content to highlight unique role value propositions told from a more inclusive perspective, thereby improving culture fit and driving success around performance indicators like retention, offer & acceptance ratios and culture fit.

Recruiting Enablement empowers recruiters to expand their reach, articulate a more inclusive employer value proposition, build meaningful relationships with diverse talent, and make the right decisions faster than their competition. They can also quickly automate configurable workflows that support diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies at scale.

By automatically routing out bias during every stage of the recruiting process -- from debiasing job postings to attracting more diverse candidates to serving up more inclusive content to using intelligent selection to more fairly rank candidates on skills and competencies - Recruiting Enablement helps recruiters ensure every interaction, regardless of final hiring outcome, remains personal, inclusive and unbiased, protecting the employer brand. 

At the highest level, the Recruiting Enablement process is about empowering recruiters to make the best possible hires every day, as efficiently and effectively as possible. This includes:

  • Designing, testing, and configuring workflows that support diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies - at scale
  • Automating processes to serve up relevant content to candidates and to fast track qualified candidates
  • Streamlining administrative tasks such as interview management and gathering hiring committee feedback to identify qualified candidates more quickly
  • Leveraging data throughout recruiting processes to make better, evidence-led decisions

With intelligent automation, configurable workflows and data-driven recommendations, Recruiting Enablement is poised to help recruiters and the organizations they serve achieve a recruiter experience that does what recruitment marketing has done for the candidate’s experience - make it more effective, more efficient, more relevant and most importantly - more human again.

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