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Innovate To Succeed In Hiring

Charles Hipps March 5, 2020

Innovation in communications & computing intelligence, behaviour and demographic changes as baby boomers retire and millennials and emerging talent becoming the dominant workforce means we the way we hire must change.

A consequence of the behaviour and technological change is significantly higher volumes of applications.  Technology will undertake the heavy lifting in the new normal of talent acquisition. 

With McKinsey forecasting that 95m lack the skills for employment and a shortage of up to 40m university educated workers by 2020, the need to focus on highly engaging, intelligent, high-speed solutions to enable recruiters to engage and hire the best before the rest has never been more pivotal.

As a result, recruitment is now increasingly competitive. Coupled with the fact that  posts now have higher volumes of applications - 5-30% application growth pa - firms are finding it much tougher to close negotiated offers and there has been a 20% increase in employers offering high school programs. Increasingly, recruiters are shifting tact to be more virtual for simplicity, diversity and speed.

So, how do you break through this mould and win the best candidates for your organisation? The answer lies in running more engaging emerging talent programmes, these are key to building your core external talent community for future experienced hires.

Tansparent, simplified presentation of your proposition and user-friendly, mobile, social and engaging interfaces  help with delivering successful candidates a job quickly. Providing unsuccessful candidates updates & insight in how to be more successful in their job seeking means you keep core stakeholders engaged no matter the decision.

Enabling & magnifying the impact of your internal advocates also helps with building a great experience builds a talent community around you for future hires. Behind all of this it is important to remember the benefits inherent in smart processing of big data, psychometrics, video, assessments and social content – all of which pinpoints great talent.

Intelligent solutions automatically process and drive insight and improvement. How? By rapidly identifying great hires, automatically processing them speedily down the right route and providing ongoing insight into how to improve your recruitment.

So, looking forward we commend more of everything for recruitment

  • More engaging
  • More intelligent/automated
  • More virtual (i.e. supporting virtual activities more than real world)
  • More mobile
  • More secure
  • More compliant
  • More global
  • More volume capable
  • More adaptable – future proof
  • More nimble
  • More configurable to your requirements
  • More interoperable
  • More diverse & inclusive!
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