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In Recruiting, All Relationships Matter.

Charles Hipps August 5, 2020

For many brands, their candidates and their customers are one and the same. This means protecting relationships with unqualified talent is equally as important as building relationships with qualified talent. Given that 60% of disappointed candidates don’t want to be a customer and that 72% will actively share a poor recruiting experience, the business case for keeping all relationships healthy seems obvious.

On top of protecting the consumer relationship with unqualified talent, brands must also build stronger relationships to combat “ghosting,” a recent trend where candidates abruptly stop all communication with no explanation. Thanks to the ease of “one-click” application processes, it is even more important to strengthen relationships along every step in the journey. 

Recruiting Enablement helps recruiters ensure that every interaction, regardless of final hiring outcome, remains personal, inclusive, and unbiased, thereby protecting the employer brand.

On the one hand, you have unqualified “fandidates” are brand fans that apply for open roles, but whose skills are not yet a fit for that role.
Recruiting Enablement helps recruiters automatically identify unqualified applicants and use bulk processes to move them into workflows that let them down easy in order to protect the original brand-customer relationship.

On the other hand, the best candidates are often casual: they are aware of their value, have more than one offer to consider, and are snapped up fast. 

Recruiting Enablement helps recruiters pinpoint and fast-track the highest quality candidates -- while removing bias from the process -- giving hiring managers more time to build relationships before competitors do.

Talent Acquisition is at a crossroads (again). From here forward, the most competitive businesses will enable recruiting teams to deliver on more diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies while simultaneously protecting the brand and providing better decision support for hiring managers. 

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