#HRTechConf 2017: Master Your Time at HR Tech Conference with These Quick Tips

Jeanette Leeds Maister October 6, 2017

The HR Tech Conference of 2017 is back in Las Vegas for its 20th Anniversary! The conference is from October 10-13 at The Venetian Hotel and will feature more than 70 sessions covering everything HR related. Always evolving, this year the conference will feature Women in HR Technology and has added new tracks on Diversity & Inclusion, things we’re very passionate about here at WCN!

Opening Keynote Speaker, Laszlo Bock, former SVP of People Operations at Google/Alphabet will be kicking off the conference, and Josh Bersin, Principal of Bersin by Deloitte will be shutting it down. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say about all of the changes we’ve seen in HR Technology over the past year, and what’s expected to come.

We’ve pulled together a few of our own quick tips for making the most out of this three day experience. Take a look!

Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Machine Learning and the like will replace last year’s buzzword big data!

A lot has changed in talent acquisition technology over the course of the year. Many HR Technologies are adopting artificial intelligence into their product suites and new ones are being built!

#HRTechConf Quick Tip: Get up to speed on where artificial intelligence is at in the landscape with these curated resources. We think these best describe where AI has been and where it’s going. Hold your own in the conversations happening around AI this year!

AI Accelerates Human Innovation: Robots Aren’t Replacements
by Brian Delle Donne of Talent Tech Labs (@TalentTechLabs)

Robots aren’t “taking our jobs”, but may in fact be taking the parts of our jobs that can be automated, making room for the tasks that need a human’s touch to move forward. See real examples, and be sure to check out the section on Identifying True AI. Read up on true Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Recruiting and Hiring with AI
by Noel Webb, CEO of (@CognitiveHR) on HRTechWeekly

Learn the differences behind the artificial intelligence being used in recruiting software like how candidates are matched to jobs or how they are ranked and scored. Noel also covers how candidates are being engaged in the hiring process with AI. Learn on!

The AI Revolution Unveiled: What’s Really Going On?
by Jack Hobson, Head of Technology at Oleeo (@Oleeo_)

Today’s intelligent recruiting software is able to give much more insight into candidates and where they come from.  Take a look at this article to learn more about contextual analysis and predictive intelligence being deployed in today’s intelligent recruiting software…

The spotlight will be shining on #ArtificialIntelligence at this year’s #HRTechConf. Read on for tips!Tweet This

This will be the biggest and most impressive expo floor, yet!

HR Tech Conference hosts the largest HR Tech Expo ever, where the biggest and best HR technologies come to impress and new technologies come to get their name out there! We’re thrilled to be exhibiting this year, so make sure to stop by and see us at BOOTH #2925. We’ll be conducting daily drawings to win bottles of champagne and SWAG, of course!

Interested in scheduling a time to speak with us at the conference? Book a meeting with one of our recruiting experts here! Plus: visit our e-booth to get the low-down before you come!

#HRTechConf QuickTip: Before you go, make sure to write down the booths you want to visit on this interactive floor map and don’t forget to visit us at booth #2925! We suggest prioritizing them by the ones you absolutely have to see, the ones you want to see but can do without and then any extras if you find yourself with extra time! It’s easy to get distracted when you’re in there, so having a solid plan and outlining priorities is key.

Share your #HRTechConf tips with us by tweeting us at @WCN_eRec! We hope to see you there!

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