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How Prescriptive Analytics Help You Make Better Recruiting Decisions

Jeanette Leeds Maister November 21, 2017

Prescriptive Analytics = Better Decisions

Prescriptive Analytics are suggested decisions based on the results of predictive analytics. In other words, the hiring or strategy recommendations that a talent acquisition team receives from their predictive analytics technology. This is most often associated with hire/do not hire suggestions, however prescriptive analytics can help guide talent acquisition teams in many of the decisions that lead up to offers. For example, prescriptive analytics can guide job ad placements for a better return on investment. Once applicants enter the pipeline, prescriptive analytics can quickly identify which are most closely suited to be interviewed as candidates.

DID YOU KNOW: The scoring methods from your hiring managers and recruiters build are critical to receiving accurate prescriptive analytics.

In many cases, the recommendations from these tools are instantaneous. The company or organization creates filters and parameters around the desired result for the technology to score input and build suggestions from. In the case of talent acquisition, the hiring team develops parameters based on their desired candidate. Those parameters will guide the data collected in the process and will influence the recommendations the recruiting team receives. These are considered scoring methods and they are critical to receiving accurate prescriptive analytics.

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It’s important to note that predictive and prescriptive analytics are only tools for recruiters to use. At the end of the day, the decisions of an experienced and trained human can only be supported by data. Machine intelligence enhances recruiting, it doesn’t step in the shoes of or make the hiring decisions for professionals.

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