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How One Company Was Able to Start Hiring College Grads More Efficiently with Oleeo for Campus & Early Careers Recruiting

Jeanette Leeds Maister March 13, 2018

Every campus recruiting strategy has a variety of moving parts to keep up with at any given time. Even the most prepared and experienced teams can feel overwhelmed with all of the different requirements it takes to hire top talent such as the events promotion and management, attracting & engaging candidates, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews and keeping track of offers. Our latest case study goes through how one company took their campus recruiting strategy from a fragmented approach spread across different platforms to a centralized program created to hire the best talent for early career positions.

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The Company

The Director of Recruiting was adamant about solving the campus recruiting team’s problems they seemed to face every season. Most important? Relieving the administrative burden to manage the events and recruitment efforts across a variety of different spreadsheets and platforms in order to keep everyone informed and up-to-date.

The Problem

Like many recruitment teams during event season, the recruiters not only needed a way to promote their presence at events, but also keep everyone in the loop in terms of schedules, candidate information acquired at the events, interviews scheduled and the tracking of offers. The company had a strategy in place, but it stretched their team across several different spreadsheets and platforms in order to communicate information to everyone who needed it.

These processes took up more time in administrative duties than the team actually spent at the events themselves. The company’s recruitment team would then receive hundreds of applications at each event and have to filter through all of them to fill entry-level positions.

“While each of the recruiters on our team is very good at their job, there had to be a faster and more efficient way to find the right talent than sifting through each and every resume received at the recruiting events throughout the year.”

- The Company’s Director of Recruiting

Oleeo for Campus & Early Careers Solution

Using our Oleeo ATS product along with our predictive recruiting scoring algorithm and filtering tools, the company was able to manage applications and interviews electronically while zeroing in on the right candidates faster than the competition. The intelligent automation and tools helped recruiters identify placements more efficiently which gave them more time to engage with the right candidates and ultimately measure the quality of candidates placed.


The Discovery

Although the recruitment team needed help with the overwhelming amount of responsibilities during campus event season, the company found the recruiters were a little hesitant to make the switch because they were used to the idea of being more personal with candidates. They soon discovered candidates enjoyed the ease of using the platform for online check-in at events, to schedule interviews, submit information and communicate with recruiters, if needed. This resulted in a speedier process for the company and a better candidate experience overall.

The End Results

After implementing Oleeo for Campus & Early Careers Recruiting, the company was able to cut the hiring time for new grads down significantly, which then increased the efficiency throughout the entire recruitment process. Using one platform to organize every step of the process alleviated 40% of the administrative burden for the team and allowed them to secure top talent faster. They also reduced the number of on-site events attended by narrowing in on the most beneficial to reduce event costs by thousands of dollars.

Why Oleeo?

Oleeo for Campus & Early Careers Recruiting combines the power of six of our products: Oleeo ATS, Oleeo CRM, Oleeo Event Management, Oleeo Interview Managemet and Oleeo Program Management to create a complete end-to-end system covering the entire college, MBA, PhD and apprenticeship recruitment process. Never miss a step with the ability to track, engage and capture candidates from early stages like at career fairs, through applications, and superday interviews, right through to offer, internship and ultimately a full-time offer. You’ll also experience support like never before from day one with a dedicated account manager to ensure you are getting the highest professional standards of software development, implementation and support.

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