How AI Will Affect the Future of Recruitment

Stefan Sawh September 26, 2017

Artificial intelligence has quickly turned from a concept written about in Hollywood, to an aspect 62% of enterprises are expected to be using by next year and your recruitment strategy is no exception to this future. Recruiting top talent has become more difficult than ever as talent acquisition teams continue to work in a candidate-driven market competing against other recruiters for the best applicants. Through the use of intelligent algorithms, talent acquisition teams now have a huge opportunity to snag the best talent faster than ever before. Here’s how:

small-demo-cta.pngAlgorithms Enhance Your Sourcing Process

From our research, a corporate job opening attracts around 250 resumes on average. If one recruiter has 5 positions to fill, that’s about 1,250 resumes to sort through! It’s no wonder 52% of recruiters say the hardest part of their job is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool.

With an intelligent algorithm, recruitment teams can target the best candidates faster as smart software can now automatically identify and score top candidates they’ll actually want to contact. This saves the recruiter time sifting through resumes and provides them with a limitless capacity to screen candidates.

Algorithms are is now being used to mine existing talent pools to discover candidates who might have gone unnoticed in what is still a largely manual screening process for many recruiters we speak to. This allows recruiters to make far more efficient use of the large banks of candidates who have shown clear interest in joining an organisation, but easily get lost post-application. Intelligent algorithms are able to identify up 33% of those individuals you will want to fast track, progress to interview or hire

A corporate job opening attracts about 250 resumes. Find out how to quickly weed out the top candidates:Tweet This!

What the Future Could Look Like

A study conducted by CareerBuilder found an astonishing 75% of people said they didn’t hear back from the company to which they applied. Giving no response to candidates can highly damage your employer brand as well as the candidate experience. In a candidate driven market, these are two things companies cannot risk today.

It’s now possible to use algorithms to overcome these challenges, by pushing relevant personalised content to a careers pages/login page – based on a candidate’s navigation, browsing history, status in the recruitment process and upload of a resume  

Using these aspects of intelligent algorithms helps the candidate experience by engaging candidates and influencing the best hires in order to build relationships with candidates before the competition does.

Make communication a top priority during the candidate experience. Here’s how:Tweet This!

With the administrative burden of recruiting lifted, recruiters can focus more on the human and fun side of recruiting— candidate engagement. Using artificial intelligence, the role of recruiters can shift to allocate less time on resume sifting, candidate prioritization or weak talent pools. Instead the time can be spent on deepening relationships through more frequent communications with events, networking and more dialogue. This will help top organizations break through and reach the best candidates first, leaving the competition in the dust. It also helps create a more transparent relationship with top talent, who will be more educated early on about company culture, job expectations and level of interest. By fostering a more interactive relationship with top  candidates it shows that the company cares and that can mean the difference between an accepted offer and a declined one.

Through the use of artificial intelligence in your hiring process, you’ll have the ability to exploit the power of predictive algorithms and automation to zero in on the best candidates. Get a hold of your recruitment team’s future with the help of Oleeo's intelligent automation which can:

  • Immediately impact your time-to-shortlist
  • Easily compare candidates in a way never seen before
  • Screen a higher number of candidates in less time

Learn more about the exciting ways algorithms can improve engagement and get in touch with us today to book a demo!

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