How We're Fostering Diversity & EEOC Compliance in High Volume Recruiting

Jeanette Leeds Maister October 26, 2018

Striving to increase workplace diversity is simply a good business decision. Countless studies and recent research prove this. Diverse teams are remarkably more effective than teams where each member has the same perspectives and experiences. And while diversity of thought is a fantastic thing to have, at Oleeo, we’re also committed to real diversity within the workplace. And since we’re the high-volume recruitment experts, we wanted to discover how these events can impact a solid diversity recruitment strategy. 

How much exactly? A report featuring 366 public companies found that those in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity at the executive level were 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry mean. And, those in the top quartile for gender diversity were 15% more likely to have returns above the industry mean.

But how exactly do you get there?

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Diversity at the core

We realized that diversity needs to be put on the forefront. We realized that large companies genuinely want to do the right thing when it comes to creating a diverse workforce. But, many of these companies are doing so haphazardly. So we introduced Intelligent Selection into the Oleeo Recruitment Platform.

“Increasingly, companies want to do the right thing when it comes to fostering diversity from the start of the recruiting process. In terms of compliance, however, we’ve seen companies don’t have standard processes in place to ensure they are meeting set standards. Our newly-released algorithms will help companies shift from being reactive to proactive in balancing the need to accurately and quickly identify high-quality candidates while simultaneously ensuring compliance.”

-Charles Hipps, Oleeo founder and CEO

 This new diversity recruitment solution vets candidate pools for both fit and regulatory compliance. It is based on 120 data points eliminating any room for human bias. This will further optimize your high-volume hiring process. 

Built-in prescriptive recommendations are now at the core of the Oleeo Event Management, Oleeo CRM and Oleeo ATS products, which will help ensure diversity in your workforces and that no adverse selection occurs in recruiting, compliant with established EEOC selection rates.

So how did we DO it?

The 120 data points the algorithm bases its decision on is gleaned from wordings in candidate resumes or profiles. They work to foster diversity and accelerate candidate selection. This intelligent algorithm handles high-volume automation and delivers at-a-glance qualified, quality candidate recommendations which is critical to recruiting success especially in high-volume hiring events.

The results

The results have been astounding. With our Fortune 100 beta customers leveraging the new prescriptive recruitment recommendation engine, we found major improvements in three areas:

  • Speed of recruitment or time to fill
  • Diversity of candidate recommendations
  • Sourcing of a broader pool of candidates for the recruitment team

In regards to speed in the hiring selection process, we saw 40% of time saved when selecting candidates for interviews. To be exact, our predictive recruitment algorithms reduced the average time it takes to review a resume from two minutes to just seconds.

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While we’ve long known recruiters spend just 6 seconds scanning resumes, we also know those 6 seconds aren’t always truly productive. With the Oleeo predictive recruitment algorithm, we’re thrilled to know that we’re saving time for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals AND helping them make better candidate decisions and affecting and increasing diversity numbers! Two wins in one!

Our clients also saw an 11% increase in diversity fostered by prescriptive recommendations. With the Oleeo integration, companies can provide a completely equal opportunity to the entire candidate pool while staying in compliance with the established EEOC selection rates. Users can also monitor anonymous candidate data insights to view gaps in diversity talent pools. This way, recruiters can focus their attention on obtaining better representation without sacrificing the quality of talent.

Finally, we made huge strides in sourcing capabilities. We saw a 10% increase in uncovering strong candidates from new sources. These are candidates who would typically be overlooked in the manual process because the algorithm looks at all candidates regardless of source.

The future is diverse, the benefits are remarkable and the time to prepare for it is now. At Oleeo, we are committed to fostering diversity within the workplace. Want to see the Oleeo Prescriptive Algorithm in action? Let one of our recruitment experts give you a guided tour!

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