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What we learnt at #FIRMday london

Charles Hipps November 14, 2019

The great and the good of the London recruitment scene gathered for #FIRMday London on 6th November 2019. Here are some of the highlights that we observed throughout the day:

Attracting the youth market

Opening the day was insights from sharing the career motivations for 16-24 year olds, including how their route into work (i.e. further study, apprenticeships or straight-to-work) affects aspirations. This really reinforced a lot of the work that Oleeo is doing with student employers to redesign early careers application journeys. Discover more about the must-know student recruitment trends worldwide here

Candidate Experience: Are you sure you have the complete picture?

This was an informative session which challenged conventional wisdom of where a candidate’s experience starts and finishes, and explored the vast array of tech touch points they may stumble through on their way to joining a business. There are many touchpoints to consider in delivering a great candidate experience. Download our printable for more information.

Building the diversity pipeline for the future

It was fascinating to hear Becky Foden, Head of Talent Acquisition, D&I & Talent & Employer Brand at Transport for London discussing her approach to internal recruitment transformation; covering future leadership pipeline development, employer value propositions and diversity & inclusion. Her talk gave a refreshing overview of how the business is striving to achieve a workforce which is reflective and representative of the diversity of London. Here are 5 diversity metrics that you can measure all year-round.

Building and activating employer brands in 100 days

A major talking point at the show was how an effective employer brand should be the number one priority of every competitive business. Why? Because the people behind your brand are your competitive advantage. The experiences and the feelings you create are the measurements of who you are as an organisation and this goes
way, way beyond the candidate experience. Our Recruitment Marketing Workbook offers some useful tips to keep in mind for this.

Talent acquisition challenges and opportunities

It was really interesting to hear some of the headlines from HireRight’s annual global Employment Screening Benchmark Survey on challenges, activities, and background screening practices from HR professionals within the EMEA region. Particularly of interest was the insights into business and screening challenges in 2019 and where candidate discrepancies are most often found.  Read our 8 key considerations to thrive in the new age of hiring.

How automation can drive candidate engagement at scale

Discussions also focused on automation and how to optimise candidate experience. From screening for experience, skills, location, salary expectations, and more - it's vital to utilise technology to help funnel your candidate pool and automatically create a shortlist of qualified candidates. Learn more about the benefits of intelligent automation in this infographic.

Be the CEO of your career and remember the importance of well-being

The theme of empowerment came out strongly at the event with delegates hearing that now is the time to
take action and start being the CEO of their careers whilst also finding the time to reflect on
the importance of well-being and how it should be seen as a key ingredient in the mix of being a great recruiter. Oleeo's HR Director Katherine Allison offers insights in this blog post.

New Oleeo Research on UK Recruitment Challenges

Businesses employing up to 250 people are losing 14% of their staff each year, only to see 39% of their new employees leave within six months, according to new research by Oleeo. This amounts to small to medium enterprises wasting an average of £125,347 a year on failed recruitment. The ‘See the Unseen’ research report examines the myriad of challenges HR teams are battling with in a bid to find people who are right for both their roles and organisations. These result in considerable, and often unseen, costs that need to be understood and addressed.

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