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Diversity Recruitment Solutions: A Buyer’s Checklist | Part II

Jeanette Leeds Maister April 2, 2018

After you’ve audited your recruitment process, set a budget and timeframe to make a decision, it’s time to fill in a few blanks and get executive buy-in for your diversity recruitment solution. This checklist will help you evaluate solutions to ensure that you find the one that best suits your unique hiring goals and needs.

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Step 2: Fill in the Blanks

After gathering more information on your own needs and limitations, you will need to understand what exactly can fill in those gaps without hindering what already works. When it comes to diversity recruitment, there are a few elements that simply can’t go answered. At the minimum, you will need...

The Ability to Strengthen a Diverse Talent Pool. How can you strengthen diverse hiring without a more diverse talent pool? The solution you choose should be able to drive interest from and identify actively seeking diverse job seekers early so you can engage them before competitors.

Data Collection. Data will help ensure you’re meeting compliance and will help give strategic direction for improvements. Collecting demographic data in addition to tracking the source of candidates can help your team strategize better approaches to reaching diverse talent in addition to helping identify the areas of hiring that lack diversity hiring success. Throughout the year, measuring things like your total workforce diversity breakdown, diverse employee retention rate and pay disparities might unveil risks to your hiring success and employer brand as well as help direct your entire diversity program.

Bonus Points if the data is presented in an easy-to-read way!

Built-in Solutions for Advocacy. Data and strategic direction will do your team and program no good if you don’t have support for the incoming applicants. Does the platform or solution encourage internal teams to advocate for hiring diverse candidates? Does the platform help external talent succeed through the application process with an engaging candidate experience?

Step 3: Get Buy-in

Typically when we hear “buy-in” we think getting executives on board. While that is half the battle, albeit a lengthy, overwhelming half, it is only half. On the other side of this buy-in lies your talent acquisition team from recruiter to hiring manager. In order for your diversity recruitment solution to help your program, you will need the users to love its features as much as the executives love its return. To please both audiences, be sure your solution has...

Easy Implementation. Time is money and every second your team is acclimating to the system, is a second they aren’t working on other recruiting matters (for example, hiring amazing talent). This is great for the users, but will also help sell the solution to executives.

Top-Notch Support and Service. There are bound to be a bit of a learning curve even with a simple solution for the most intelligent team. Your diversity recruitment solution should provide support that makes you and your team feel comfortable enough to ask questions.

Bonus Points if the solution or tool has resources available for strategic guidance on program development.

Demonstrable ROI. Think in terms of how much time will be saved, how much administrative burden will be eliminated, the boost in performance and production, increased talent prospects and all other areas that affect the bottom line. It’s not just about dollars and cents, it’s about those elements that lead to profitability too.

Bonus Points if you can relate those other elements to potential dollar amounts. For instance, how much will automating your diversity data collection save your team in terms of wages?

Strong Case Studies and Testimonials. We live in the age of online review sites, which is great for your pre-purchase research and discovery. Take time to peruse similar resources, but dig deeper where possible. Can you find testimonials or case studies that can be corroborated? Does the solution use the satisfied customer’s name and company?

Ready to solve your diversity recruitment challenges? Download the full checklist and be sure to explore Oleeo for Diversity Recruiting during your solution evaluation process. We’re confident our best-in-class technology will check all the boxes on your list!