Diversity Recruitment Solutions: A Buyer’s Checklist | Part I

Jeanette Leeds Maister March 30, 2018

Diversity and inclusion are highly valued by incoming talent, and have all around positive impacts on your organization’s performance. These overwhelming benefits have lead leaders to take notice. In 2017, 69% of executives rated diversity and inclusion as an important issue, while Glassdoor found that 35% of hiring decision makers expect to increase their investment in diversity and inclusion efforts. If you’re reading this, you are probably one of those who know just how crucial a healthy diversity and inclusion program is to your organization. But knowing you need a change is only the first step. Now it’s time to find the right talent acquisition tool to develop and support your strategy.

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This checklist will help you evaluate diversity recruitment software solutions to ensure that you find the one that best suits your unique hiring goals and needs.

Step 1: Audit Your Recruitment Process, Set a Budget & Time to Make a Decision

Before you can make any decisions on the right tool, you will need to audit your current recruitment process and team capabilities. Without the background research, you run the risk of choosing a solution that doesn’t work or not receiving the buy-in from leadership or employees.

Assess Your Needs. Your talent acquisition team knows what it takes to hire talented employees, and most likely has a few strategies and tools that work in addition to those that don’t. Take an account of those elements that are succeeding and be sure they will not be interfered with while noting where adjustments have to be made. This will save your team from frustrations and budget from strain.


  • Where does our current talent acquisition software system (if there is one) fall short?
  • What is our realistic/approved budget?
  • What existing technology doesn’t solve diversity challenges or creates barriers in our strategy?
  • What existing technology does your team rely on?
  • If you could automate any process, what would you automate?
  • What integrations will your team need?
  • What data and reporting is required, is optimal?
  • When do we want to have a new system implemented by?

Consider Realistic Team Capabilities. Similar to existing technology, your team will have skills and aptitudes that both accelerate implementation and create barriers. If you want the technology you invest in to show ROI, you will need to consider the capabilities of your talent acquisition team.


  • What resources are available? (Can your current minority employees offer guidance on the failings/successes of your inclusion program? Do you have diversity data or employee surveys for inclusion available?)
  • What relevant skills does your team already have? (ex. Data science training, diversity and inclusion development training, etc.)
  • Does your team have any skill gaps? (Are any employees novice computer users?)

Account for Technological Barriers. You might have found the most highly-rated solution on the market, but if it doesn’t integrate to your organization’s programs or hardware, it’s completely useless. Do a little research into what is and isn’t possible with each vendor and your internal system.

Note: Each potential vendor should be able to discuss what requirements their solution holds. Take notes or ask for information to share with your technology and IT team to double check it will work.

Make a Wish List. Dream a little. If you could have your new technology solve any problem or provide guidance on any strategy, what would you ask for? Make a list of those dream features and watch for them in demos with vendors. Be sure to ask if they’re top priority!

Potential Wishlist Features:

  • Data collection
  • Predictive analytics
  • Easy reporting
  • Event management
  • Simple implementation
  • High-quality support and service

Ready to solve your diversity recruitment challenges? Get the full checklist here and be sure to explore Oleeo for Diversity Recruiting during your solution evaluation process. We’re confident our best-in-class technology will check all the boxes on your list!

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