Building a Campus Recruiting Program Checklist

Jeanette Leeds Maister October 26, 2017

Campus recruiting requires a much more targeted approach than a broader recruitment program comprises. Before building a specific program to drive new college grad hires, you’ll want to follow our helpful guide and accompanying checklist. In it, we’ll walk you through making the case for program funding to your management and executive team, the components that make your program successful and how to audit and prioritize them in implementation and tips for carrying out your strategic plan!

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Step 1: Make the Business Case

Getting your executive team or management team to back your decision for a campus recruiting program is the first step, because you don’t want to go to all of the trouble of building out a strategy before you have approval to carry it out. Make sure to:

  • Include specific examples. The person who is responsible for budget approvals is most detached from your current recruiting process or day-to-day work. They may not understand the need to build a specific campus recruiting program if they aren’t able to see how it differentiates from your regular recruiting initiatives. Campus recruiting involves a more targeted audience (college students), events management (campus career fairs), high volume interview days, a large volume of candidates, and even different recruitment marketing channels (digital ads, social ads, etc.) than you may be currently using. Gather the research and differentiators to prove why these campus recruiting initiatives need their own sub-department within your total recruitment plan.
  • Show how recruiting fresh graduates impacts your business. It may seem obvious to everyone when making the case that hiring new graduates is a smart business move, but can you back it up with facts? Conduct internal research of underperforming departments and highlight how they may benefit from new talent. Sometimes it takes less experienced employees to come in and share their new ideas, or even be trained or mentored by experienced employees to shake things up a bit. New talent is also a reminder to existing talent that someone is always up and coming and ready to take over their job. Keep employees on their toes by bringing in new college grads, but find a way to tie this to metrics that resonate with your higher ups.
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  • Demonstrate the ROI. It should go without saying that hiring college graduates is more cost-effective than hiring experienced hires who’ve been in the business for years. This isn’t to say experienced hires are out, but perhaps if a few roles can be replaced with new hires who cost x amount compared to a previous salary range you were offering, you can show that investing more in this talent segment is well worth your company’s efforts.

Step 2: Audit Your Existing Campus Recruiting Initiatives

Once you have approval to move forward with building a campus recruiting program, you’ll want to audit your existing efforts. Evaluate the following tactics and check off the ones that are currently in place. Circle the checkboxes of tactics you do not have in place, but want to include in your strategy. Tip: If you find yourself circling more than checking off, break down each circle by priority levels 1, 2, 3 to initiate in stages as to not overwhelm your recruitment department.

  • Key Universities/Colleges are Identified
  • Ideal Candidate Characteristics are Identified
  • Competencies for Campus New Hires are Identified
  • Co-op and Internship Programs are in Place
  • Campus Recruiting Relations Timeline is Developed and Implemented
  • Philanthropy Programs and Research is Aligned with Targeted Recruiting Schools Which Includes Diversity & Inclusion

To Do: Head over to this slideshare: and view the 20 components that make campus recruiting programs successful. Jot down the ones you wish to incorporate into your program here:

Step 3: Support Your Program with Technology

Let’s face it, any successful program in today’s technological world is streamlined with the help of the right software. Look for campus recruiting technology that works with you from event management like college career fairs to filtering and sorting applications. Bonus points if the system can help zero in on the right candidates, manage interview feedback & offers, and end-to-end tracking of candidates as well! The best campus recruiting technology will:

  • Deliver Speed and Reduce Costs with a built in Applicant Tracking System
  • Attract and Engage Diverse Talent by connecting with candidates through targeted, personalized content.
  • Improve Employer Brand Perception by spreading positive brand awareness from onsite to offsite events, private or public events, or even virtual or interview events.
  • Provide a User-Friendly Candidate Experience by letting candidates self-schedule, reschedule & cancel interviews from any device, while recruiters manage multiple types of interviews, schedules and calendars in one place.
  • Get Better Results from Your Internship Program with end-to-end intern program management to hire more - from the placements to performance management to surveys and beyond.
  • Drive Continuous Improvements with Analytics with end-to-end tracking of candidates and strategic insights across the entire recruiting process that can be accessed with a click of a button.
  • Score Candidates with a machine-learning based algorithm and filtering tools, which can help recruiters zero in on the right candidates faster, reduce unconscious bias, enhance diversity.
  • Reduce Administrative Tasks with automation and bulk processing tools designed to handle a large volume of applicants.

Did you know?

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      • 30% time savings in interview admin
      • 30% decrease in offer process overhead
      • 50% time reduction in managing events
      • 97.5% of campus candidates approval rate

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Download this resource as a pdf:

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