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Buyer's Guide: Campus Recruiting Solution | Part II

Jeanette Leeds Maister March 8, 2018

When evaluating the features of your ideal campus recruiting solution, it’s important to keep a few main features in mind. Read the list of our continued features from Part I as well as some bonus elements to consider when picking a solution for your team.

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Key Features

Investing in a solution to help plan campus recruitment efforts is the first step to solving the issues listed above. Some systems may focus more on event organization, and others may focus on managing multiple interviews, offers and resumes. The most important thing to remember when evaluating each is to ensure the solution meets the needs most important to your recruitment team, ideally in one unified system.

Key features to be on the lookout for:

Event Management

Attending career fairs isn’t the only way to connect with new grads and bring in the best talent to your open entry-level position. You can also organize classroom sessions and lunches, or attend hackathons and contests. Although, with all these different events, keeping a calendar and promoting your organization’s presence can be a lot to keep up with.

DO THIS: Invite team members from the department to test drive the solution and ensure it helps remedy their most difficult pain points when it comes to event management. It may also be beneficial to look for a solution that has the capability to publish straight to your company’s social profiles to get the word out about events you’ll be attending.

Ease of Implementation

What is the one thing that can ultimately prevent an investment from proving itself useful? Implementation. If the selected solution meets resistance amongst team members because it is not user-friendly, chances are your investment may be stopped in its tracks. Not everyone on the team may be on the same level when it comes to tech savviness, and that’s okay, but choosing the right solution means it works for everyone.

DO THIS: Testing the solution is a given when searching for a campus recruitment system. Bring in different individuals on the team with a range of tech skills to assess whether or not it would be easily implemented within the department. Make sure to look for a vendor who provides support from day zero to ensure implementation will be a breeze.

Mobile and Cloud Capabilities

From setting up at career fairs to talking at information sessions then all the way back to the office, your team needs to be able to access information at anytime (from practically anywhere) to get their job done and stay up-to-date with communication. Looking for a solution to give your recruiters this capability will set you apart from the competition in terms of technology used within the department as well as what the candidates see. If they have the ability to set up an interview by self scheduling on their phone while walking from class to class, it may boost their impression of your organization as a whole.

Service and Support

Technical support is crucial because not everything will always go right and when you need help, knowing there’s an expert on the other end of the phone can be comforting after a hiccup. A solution that provides support for all users, including candidates, can be the most ideal when your recruiters may not be available to help them through the process.

DO THIS: Research ratings and reviews of systems you’re interested in exploring to get a sense of how other users feel about their customer support level.

Other Features to Consider:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Interview scheduling
  • Referral management
  • Onboarding management
  • Diversity recruitment tactics
  • Internship program management
  • Apprenticeship program management
  • Super Day interview and outcome management

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Looking for proof?

Oleeo helped make campus recruiting a globally connected, data-driven function for Morgan Stanley. The results:

  • Improved decline rates – Oleeo helped lower their declined offer rate by 10%
  • First investment bank to launch strengths-based interviewing – piloted across most divisions at various stages of the process
  • Increased year round campus presence – more events outside the busy autumn season with some regions also pushing up their recruiting timeline
  • Continued focus on pre-university strategy – school outreach events and programs that pipeline into spring and summer analyst initiatives
  • Enhanced campus operations risk measures and controls – Anti Corruption Group standards, regulatory, conduct risk assessments and controls, workflows and process maps enhanced and documented
  • Cost savings in campus recruiting by streamlining processes, teams and programs of $1.1m

“Oleeo really helps us focus on getting meaningful results in campus recruitment. Year-on-year we are seeing real differences with a significantly improved candidate experience at the application stage.” - Stephanie Ahrens Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Our expertise helped NBCUniversal breakdown diversity barriers and build a strong pipeline of diverse talent in the following ways:

  • Creating customized registration processes so that students can register directly
  • Host ‘Behind the Scenes” webinars to ensure students are prepared for the recruiting journey ahead
  • Hosting organized site visits
  • Hosting/Sponsoring the organization’s DAP (Dynamic Assessment Process) for over 100 prospective scholars annually
  • Running volunteer Opportunities such as Resume & Writing Coaches for high school students

“Through our multi-pronged recruitment approach, we’ve seen an increase in the number of diverse hires that have come through our program. Our multipronged and intentional diversity efforts, with help from Oleeo, have diversified the candidate pool and have educated students on the opportunities that exist and their attainability to students who may not have been reached by NBCUniversal in years past.” - Erica Arden, Manager, Diversity

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