How to #BeMoreEventful and Network at Your Next Conference

Jeanette Leeds Maister October 16, 2018

Think about the conferences you attend. What is the purpose? Are you there to hit the demo floor and find a new solution for your business? Are you there to hear insights from speakers – hoping it will ignite an idea that you could bring back to your team? Or, more often than not, are you there to network?

HR Conferences are an overwhelming rush of presentations, conversations and potential meet-ups, so it can be tough to know where to focus your time. How do you figure out which sessions would benefit your business? Should you skip the keynote to meet an important contact? How many coffee dates are too many? And what should you do if you want to make connections, but you really hate small talk?

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Why Network?

Networking at HR conferences is the highlight for so many attendees. If you are a regular attendee, you begin to see a lot of the same faces and become a sort of family that chooses to reunite in a well-air-conditioned ballroom to catch up. Plus, the value is shown in the numbers. Blame it on the mobile age if you must, but 48% of event attendees say face-to-face interactions are more valuable today than two years ago.

Networking is important for any professional. Any interaction can lead to a new position, lead or that big client you’ve been hoping to impress. For example, a study found that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking. Simply attending a conference tells everyone in the room that you are open to new ideas and conversation. But this is not easy for everyone. Sometimes it takes a little shove to start making meaningful connections with complete strangers. So, we came up with a solution.

We have become so focused on what knowledge we will bring back after attending these conferences. But to truly benefit from these events, we have to remove ourselves from the mundane day-to-day tasks and stop long enough to enjoy it. So, take the chance to appreciate the event for what it is - a chance to really connect with others in your space. A time to make memories with others that are equally passionate about the world of HR. And HR is all about connecting people, right?

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In this fast-paced, technology-focused world, we decided it was time to switch things up at conferences to make networking a little easier. We recently attended the well known HRTech conference and debuted our idea to inspire conference attendees to #BeMoreEventful. This was our way to get ourselves and others out of our comfort zone. And, it worked.

Attendees could pick up a sleeve of 14 cards at our booth. These cards had instructions on them from buying the person behind you in the coffee line a drink, take a selfie with a stranger, high five three strangers, and everything in-between. Each card had an actionable “pay it forward” task attached to it. And, if you’re really enjoying yourself, snap a photo of your accomplishing your task and tweet it with #BeMoreEventful.

Next time you travel to a conference, be present, be open-minded and most of all #BeMoreEventful. But we are not only experts in making the most of HR conferences. If you’re ready to go above and beyond your competition, promote your brand and everything in-between, get up to date with the latest hiring event trends from our report to recruit the best talent for your business!

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