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Jeanette Leeds Maister February 20, 2019

We're in Vegas for the next few days at Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Live, which should be good times over at Caesar's Palace. I'll be moderating a panel entitled "Beyond The Mission Statement: Making Diversity and Inclusion Real" on Friday morning at 8:30am local. Seldric Blocker, the former Director of TA at NBCUniversal who jumped to JPMorgan this month, and Craig Campbell, who heads engineering recruitment at Uber, will be on that panel as well. The abstract for the panel is:

Multiple market studies validate that gender diverse teams and ethnically diverse teams are more productive. It’s not enough these days to say we practice diversity and inclusion in talent acquisition; it needs to be embedded in our business culture. Building this type of culture starts with the hiring process. Hear from a panel of talent acquisition leaders answering important questions like: How does focusing on Diversity and Inclusion impact business? How is Talent Acquisition bringing Diversity and Inclusion forward within the business? How are you impacting the candidate experience to foster inclusion?

Seems like the good old-fashioned diversity and inclusion discussion we've been having for years, right?

We all know those topics are important, and McKinsey even says they are massively important, but it still seems like something that isn't focused on at the top levels of an organization.

Diversity and inclusion is now a $100M market in terms of the tech associated with it, which is a ton of money -- and Mercer and RedThread Research just published a research report which Oleeo was featured in -- but again, many analysts think an area of HR technology needs to reach $1B to be a true "category." So in terms of the intersection of finance and tech, diversity and inclusion still lags.

We all know this shouldn't be the case, and that's the goal of the Vegas panel -- namely to discuss what other big companies are doing to be better, and how you can as well. Remember: inclusion and diversity go beyond simply thinking in terms of race and gender. It's also about how managers include people on their teams, and about cognitive diversity, which a VP of Engineering at Facebook has called "her most powerful tool." It takes many forms.

That's why we're proud of #BeMoreEventful. That's a campaign we started to get random people talking at all these events we attend for business. We often go to these huge hotel complexes and ballrooms and meeting rooms and we just kind of look at our agendas, attend our sessions, eat our free meals, eat our Vegas Strip meals, and maybe visit the bar of our hotel. We hug industry friends we don't get to see a lot, and we work leads.

But are we learning from others? Are we being inclusive? Are we talking to people different from us and living diversity, instead of just discussing it?

Buy people drinks. Talk to them about whatever. Challenge them to a public dance-off. Start embracing the idea of bringing everyone into your fold, instead of just people you know or people who are like you.

So, if you're in Vegas, we invite you to stop by Booth #204 and snag a deck of #bemoreeventful challenge cards and get ready to play it forward.

During the conference, we'll be slinging $100 cash rewards at people who complete challenges and post their glorious proof on Twitter (or Insta) using #bemoreeventful and #HRERecruitTalent.

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