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25+ Crucial Tips for Recruiting Diverse Talent

Jeanette Leeds Maister September 27, 2017

Diversity in the workplace has garnered lots of public attention in the media and not just because it can boost a company's innovation, efficiency and ROI.

Recruiting a diverse workforce at all levels of an organization is critical for recruiters to consider in their recruitment strategy. Diversity is a catalyst for new and better ideas and it helps companies surpass competitors, regardless of the market they serve.

Take diverse hiring to the next level by evaluating the diversity of your current workforce and measuring progress towards recruiting great diverse talent. Get inspired below:

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5 Diversity Metrics to Measure Year-Round

by Oleeo (@Oleeo_)

Diverse hiring can be difficult for recruiters to implement in their strategy. Did you know that 57% of employees think their companies should be more diverse? Create a strategy to take your hiring tactics to the next level by analyzing your current workforce and using these 5 metrics. This free download will help you put strategy down on paper and help you learn what metrics will move the needle when it comes to diversity hiring.

5 Steps to Improve Diversity Recruiting

by SHRM (@SHRM) Pamela Babcock (@BabcockPamela)

Did you know recruiters look at twice as many male as female profiles, regardless of industry? "It's so important to first of all realize we all have these biases. Embrace them and figure out how … to give everybody the best chance to do their jobs and be happy." - Johnny Campbell, owner and CEO of Social Talent

3 Tips to Utilize Big Data to Change How You Attract Diverse Talent

by Oleeo (@Oleeo_)

86% of recruiters believed hiring in 2016 was primarily candidate-driven, and that statistic is only expected to rise as more organizations plan for a hiring increase in coming years. Big Data reveals which applicants are a better fit for positions within the company, correlating skills and work values to numbers and percentages. This translates to an unbiased workforce that is optimal for efficiency and performance. Learn more with these 3 tips!

6 Best Practices for Diversity in Executive Recruitment

by Thrive TRM (@ThriveTRM)

Research shows that companies with greater diversity in leadership positions perform better than those with less diverse executive and top management staff.This makes its necessary that companies implement a strategy to acquire diverse talent. There are many surefire ways to include greater diversity in your company’s leadership roles, while still ensuring that the best possible talent is recruited. Tip #4 is a great place to start!

5 Tips for Finding Diverse Candidates That Make Dollars and Sense

by Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur) (@EliotBurdett)

Did you know that more CEOs of large U.S. companies are named John (5.3 percent) than there are CEOs who are women (4.1 percent)? Despite how astonishing this is, the challenge of diversity in the workplace is not going away anytime soon. However, it is critical to learn how to effectively hire diverse candidates because bad hires (regardless of their race, gender or sexual orientation) will sink the ship. Check out tip #3 to stay ahead of the competition.

5 Ways To Reach And Recruit More Diverse Job Applicants

by Forbes (@Forbes)

Diversity is essential to improving the makeup of any organization. With employees from different cultural, ethnic and educational backgrounds, your organization stands to gain both new insights and a competitive edge. How can you effectively expand your outreach so that your application pool includes more diverse job seekers? Emphasizing culture is just one of these 5 great tips!

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